Calendars and tasks

  • every user can create unlimited calendars (a company calendar and a personal calendar are provided by default)
  • use daily, weekly or monthly view
  • share calendars with other users
  • setup email reminders for events, even connected with popup instant messaging alerts
  • view some or all the calendars combined to get a full view at a glance and to spot overlapping events
  • create and edit recurring events
  • mark events as private or public, set freebusy status, category, etc.







  • set tasks (associated to a calendar), assign due dates, mark as completed
  • view tasks in the calendar or in the task list
  • assign tasks to other users (see below), get task completion notifications
  • hide or show completed tasks
  • highlight overdue tasks
  • view pending tasks in the home page
  • all tasks and events are relative to the user's personal time zone, to synchronize coworkers with different time zones
  • access and create tasks and events from PocketPC, Palm, mobile phone, either via web browser (in real time - no synchronization) or via SyncML sync with the device's calendar

Meeting planning and task assignment

  • interactive search for free/busy time of other users to plan a meeting
  • invite users to meetings/assign tasks. Invitations can be sent using ICal format, and turn into proper events in DeskNow, Outlook, Notes.
  • track accept/decline/tentatively accept replies and change status in list of attendees
  • receive and accept invitations sent with Outlook, Notes
  • send/receive invitations to/from users of other domains using Outlook or Notes
  • invitations can be accepted directly from the received email or from the calendar


  • Administrator can define bookable resources
  • users can search for free/busy status of resources
  • required or optional resources
  • automatic accept/decline of resource booking
  • Administrator or other selected users can view the schedule of a resource: who has booked it, when, for what event
  • resources can also be booked from external mail client (Outlook, Notes)


  • publish a calendar using iCal format, accessible from Mac, Mozilla Sunbird, etc (with optional password)
  • exchange invitations and replies with other calendaring applications using iCal + iTip protocol

Freebusy server

  • users can automatically publish their freebusy information, so that it can be accessed by other clients like Outlook
  • interactive web interface to lookup other users' (internal and external) freebusy information when planning a meeting


Day view Meeting planning Accept/decline invitation Recurrency options