Unlimited sharing

Every user can share mail folders, file folders, calendars, contact folders, message boards with other users. This is a major paradigm shift from other tools, where only admin can setup shared objects for the whole company.

By allowing every user to share data with other (selected users), you can facilitate communication inside your company, while reducing administration overhead.

Fine grained access control

The same object can be shared multiple times with different access permissions (read, write, delete, etc.)

Shares can be public, password protected or nominal: to selected users, communities or groups. Different permissions (read,write, delete, etc) can be assigned to different subjects.

Objects can also be shared with users of other domains.

Smart mail folder sharing

It is possible to share mail folder leaving a common read flag, or have DeskNow keep track of the read flag for every user.

DeskNow can automatically save replies to messages from a shared folder in another folder - very useful for a 'company' inbox where all replies must be stored in a single folder.

Web file sharing

Web file sharing allows easy publishing of documents on the web, and make them accessible to non-DeskNow users (commercial partners, etc.). Shared file folders are accessible like a normal web page, with no login. Shared files can be accessed with a single http link.

Sharing an object