DeskNow MJ for Java is a complete instant messaging server that can be easily integrated in any Java / J2EE application.

The server component is accompanied by DeskNow Messenger, a lightweight applet client that can be launched from any webpage.

Add the real-time dimension to your web application

With DeskNow MJ you can quickly transform your traditional web application in a dynamic and real-time driven one:

  • put users in direct, immediate contact with each other through a familiar IM interface
  • send system alerts to one user or a group of users (ex.: you have new mail!) using the Java API
  • use the JavaScript integration to control the user's web page in real time: refresh the page, update charts at the very instant new data is available, etc.
  • receive Java events when users get online / offline

Make your application stand out from the competition

More and more people rely on instant messaging to communicate, and they now expect it in professional business environments.

DeskNow MJ is the only full IM solution for Java developers, which enables you to exceed the expectations of your customers with minimal effort.

Features overview

  • open standard Jabber™ / XMPP protocol
  • easy to integrate
  • easy to deploy
  • 128-bit SSL encryption
  • high performance
  • transparent to firewalls and proxies
  • affordable and royalty-free

Detailed features list


It usually takes less than 60 minutes to add secure instant messaging to your (web)application.

Detailed features


Version 1.3 available

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