DeskNow WebMessenger is a complete and secure instant messaging server that can be easily deployed to every office in a matter of minutes.

More and more people rely on instant messaging to communicate, and they now expect it in professional business environments.

DeskNow WebMessenger is:

Easy to deploy: you don't need to install software on every PC! Users can access it by simply visiting a web page with their browser.

Secure: it can use 128 bit SSL technology to encrypt all communications: this is widely considered the most proven technology, and is the standard adopted by banks for internet banking.

Open standard: it uses the open standard Jabber™ / XMPP protocol. This means that you can use one of the many other Jabber clients available, including those for PocketPC, Palm, etc. Never lock yourself in proprietary technology!

Firewall friendly: DeskNow WebMessenger works across firewalls, proxies and NAT without any configuration.

Web managed: the administration console is fully web based, for easier access. As Admministrator, you can also send broadcast messages to all the users.

Multi domain: DeskNow WebMessenger can host unlimited chat domains, each one with its users and Administrator.

Easy to integrate: DeskNow WebMessenger can be easily integrated in your portal/intranet. New! now supports Active Directory integrated authentication. Webmessenger can also automatically create accounts found in an ActiveDirectory domain.

The DeskNow WebMessenger server can run on Windows, Linux, Unix, Mac, etc. (and so can the clients!)

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