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How to keep your data safe, to migrate it to other systems, etc
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Articles on ow to personalize DeskNow, and integrate it into your environment
category Error messages (9)
Descriptions of various error messages that you may encounter using DeskNow
category General administration (15)
How to perform common administrative tasks
category Installation and initial setup (32)
Most common questions that you may have when setting up DeskNow
category Instant Messaging (6)
All about the instant messaging, real time alerts...
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category Log messages (1)
Description of various messages that you may find in the log files
category Mail (57)
Everything related to sending and receiving email
category Security (14)
Questions about security
category SyncML (8)
Sync with Outlook connector and other devices
Latest Articles
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You can sync your Android device with your...

  October 23, 2011    Views: 14749   
article How do I configure Pidgin with DeskNow?
It is very easy to configure Pidgin with...

  August 10, 2011    Views: 14903   
article The automated sync does not work in Outlook 2007
If you're using the SyncML Outlook connector...

(No rating)  April 29, 2010    Views: 17589   
article When I edit a new event, the date fields do not work properly, or I encounter other problems
This may be caused by an antivirus, browser...

(No rating)  February 9, 2010    Views: 14367   
article How do I implement mail archiving?
DeskNow by default supports what is sometimes...

  February 9, 2010    Views: 16914   
Most Popular Articles
article 550 5.7.1 Access denied
This response comes from the remote server.The...

  June 24, 2004    Views: 206986   
article Connection refused
This is a very common error. It means that...

  June 24, 2004    Views: 161682   
article Helo command rejected: need fully-qualified hostname
This is another case of this error:...

  May 27, 2004    Views: 110434   
article Performance tuning for PostgreSQL database (Linux)
Note: this page is for tuning PostgreSQL on...

  October 27, 2004    Views: 104165   
article What is a reverse PTR record? How can I use it to fight spam?
IP addresses (like are assigned...

  June 7, 2004    Views: 86979   

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