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Custom Links in the menu

Currently the customization of the left menu is only possible by modifying the JSP file that builds the menu. We plan to add a link manager (actually, we plan to add a full wiki....)

To add items to the tree, edit the file /desknow/jsp/original/MenuBody.jsp with a text editor and add lines like this towards the bottom, just before the ];
,['Link 1','',tf,admin_group]
,['Link 2','',tf,admin_group]

admin_group defines the icon to use, and is defined in /desknow/3.1.11themes/templates/TreeFormat.jsp 

(obviously replace 3.1.11 with your current version number!)

use '_blank' (with the quotes) instead of tf to open in a new window:
,['Link 2','','_blank',admin_group]

If you want to include the username in the URL:

,['Link 1','<%= account_username %>&domainname=<%= account_domainname %>',tf,admin_group]

If you want to make the link available only to a specific domain:

<dn:ifequal value1="<%= account_domainname %>" value2="">
            ,['Link 1','',tf,admin_group]

If you want to make the link available only to a specific user:

<dn:ifequal value1="<%= account_domainname %>" value2="">
        <dn:ifequal value1="<%= account_username %>" value2="joe">
            ,['Link 1','',tf,admin_group]

Important: make a backup copy of the MenuBody.jsp file before modifying it. When you upgrade DeskNow, you must upgrade the file as well.

danny goh
June 6, 2004 at 12:00am

i really can't fiend the text you stated.

please provide line number
June 24, 2004 at 12:00am

the line with ]; is just at the bottom of the file.
Just add before that line.
We can't provide the line number, because it can change with the versions.