From: DeskNow Knowledge Base

How do I migrate my data from Linux to Windows?

It is possible, and usually straightforward, to migrate your DeskNow installation and data from Linux/Unix to Windows (and viceversa, following pretty much the inverse steps. see here).

  1. install DeskNow on the Windows server, and make sure it runs fine
  2. stop DeskNow both on the Windows and Linux servers
  3. make a zip (or tar.gz) archive of the entire /var/desknowdata directory in Linux , and copy it to the Windows server (ex. in c:). Tip: if using ftp, make sure to use a binary transfer, or the zip file will be corrupted.
  4. in the Windows server, simply extract the zip file so that the desknowdata directory in it replaces the existing c:\desknowdata.
  5. edit C:\desknowdata\cfg\DeskNowBase.cfg and adjust the path accordingly
  6. run the Configuration Wizard from the DeskNow program group in the Start menu
  7. start DeskNow
  8. login as admin and adjust the antivirus settings in Administration/Antivirus, and the backup settings in Administration/Backup.


If you are using an external database (like MySQL), and yow want to migrate it to the new server as well, see this article. Note that you don't have to. You can run DeskNow on one server, and the database on another. You can also run DeskNow on Linux, and keep using a MS SQL Server database on Windows. Make sure that Database.cfg is pointing to the location of your database.

Once the migration process is complete, start DeskNow in console (in the DeskNow program group, under "Advanced"):

This will show immediately if DeskNow is starting correctly. To stop DeskNow while running in console, simply press CTRL-C.

Once everything works fine, restart DeskNow as normal.