From: DeskNow Knowledge Base

How do I see log messages / errors of the DeskNow Messenger applet?

The DeskNow Messenger applet is a Java applet.

It can run in your browser in two possible ways:

If you're using Microsoft's Java, to se the log messages of the applet:

  1. select Tools/Internet Options from the menu
  2. select the Advanced tab
  3. in the Microsoft VM section, check 'Java console enabled'
  4. restart IE (close all the IE windows)
  5. You can now see the console by selecting View/Java Console from the menu

If you're using Sun's Java plugin On Windows/Linux:

  1. find the little 'coffee cup' Java icon in the tray area.
  2. right click on it, and select 'Show Console'

If you're using Mac OSX:

  1. open Applications/Utilities/Java/Java 1.x.y Plugin Settings
  2. check the 'Use Java console' option
  3. apply and close the dialog
  4. restart Safari (must quit Safari and open it again)
  5. the next time you login to DeskNow, the Java console window will show up
  6. to stop using the java console, simply uncheck the above option and restart safari