From: DeskNow Knowledge Base

How do I use DeskNow with IIS?

DeskNow can coexist with IIS in many ways.

  1. you can configure DeskNow to use a different HTTP and HTTPS port than IIS. This is done in DeskNow's Configuration Wizard
  2. you can configure DeskNow to be a virtual directory of IIS. See the Administration and Configuration manual, at the section "Using DeskNow with IIS or Apache"
  3. you can configure DeskNow and IIS to use the same HTTP ports, but on different network interfaces. You can use the Configuration Wizard to tell DeskNwo which interface to use, and a similar configuration option is available in IIS. Important: IIS has some problems in using just one interface, often it uses all the interfaces even when configured not to do so. See this article in Microsoft's support pages:;EN-US;813368