From: DeskNow Knowledge Base

How can I add / replace the icons (smileys) in the messenger?

The number of icons shown in the messenger is currently fixed, for window size reasons.

You can replace some or all the icons (smilieys) with ones of your choice. Here's how to:

  1. backup the file \DeskNow\webapps\desknow\applets\xmpp_applet.jar
  2. rename the file (not the backup!) to .zip
  3. extract the content of the file using a normal ZIP extractor. Make sure to preserve the folders in the archive
  4. the folder 'icons' contains, as .gif files, all the icons used in the messenger. Replace the icons that you prefer with your own version, making sure that you keep the same filename
  5. rebuild the zip archive. Preserver the folder structure. In particular, make sure that when you open the rebuilt archive the first level of folders contains 'icons', and not a single folder like 'xmpp_applet'.
  6. rename the archive back to xmpp_applet.jar