From: DeskNow Knowledge Base

How do I backup all my data?


DeskNow includes a backup facility, that lets you do both manual and scheduled backups of the following:

  1. configuration files
  2. user files
  3. mail folders
  4. mail queues (incoming/outgoing mail waiting for delivery or processing)
  5. embedded database (if you are using it)

The backup control panel is available in Administration/Backup

If you're using an external database, please see the other articles in this section with instructions on how to perform the backup and restore for external databases.


Please see section 5.1 of the 'Administration and Configuration' manual that comes with DeskNow for step-by-step instruction for backup recovery.

Mirroring backup for very large sites

When your server hosts a large amount of data (tens of Gb), you may find that taking a full backup takes a long time. In this case, it is possible, especially for the user mails and user files, to use a mirroring backup strategy instead. An mirroring backup keeps a 'mirror' copy of all these files on a remote drive, and periodically adds to the mirror the new files and removes files removed from the original folders. To perform a mirroring backup, you can use an utility such us rsync (a standard Linux/Unix command) or, for Windows, something like BackupMagic . Remember to turn off the full backup of these folders after you have setup a mirroring backup!