From: DeskNow Knowledge Base

How can I create guest accounts?

Guest accounts are typically normal accounts with limited privileges.

Privileges in DeskNow are set via user classes. Every user belongs to a user class. Every user class has a set of permissions like 'use email', 'share objects', 'change password', and so on.

So to create a guest account, first you need to create a guest user class.

This can be done in Administration/Users and communities/Manage user classes. Create a new class called 'Guest class' (for example) and pick the permissions to enable.

Once that is done, simply create a new account called 'Guest' (for example) and select the 'Guest class' as its user class.

Note that permissions in user classes are not related to access permissions to shared objects. They are more generic, and control access to basic functionalities of DeskNow. If you want to share some objects (ex. a calendar) with users of the 'Guest users' class, create a user group (in the Administration page) that includes the guest user account. If you have only the 'Guest' user, however, you may want to avoid this and assign share permissions directly to the user account.

You can define as many user classes as you want, for every domain.

An user belongs to one and only one user class.

Multiple user accounts can belong to the same class.