From: DeskNow Knowledge Base

'Session expired'. What does it mean? How do I change the session timeout?

Normally a DeskNow session never expires until the user logs out or closes the main DeskNow browser window.

The main DeskNow window queries the server every 10 minutes to check if there are new messages, events, etc. This keeps the session active forever, even if the user does not take any action (note that this can be changed in the Preferences/General page).

However if a user closes the main window but keeps open other windows (ex. a mail compose window) for a long time, the session could then expire.

To change the default time after which a session times out (30 minutes), simply edit the file \DeskNow\desknow\WEB-INF\web.xml with a text editor and add these lines


just below the line that says <web-app> (third line).

This will set the default timeout to 60 minutes.

Then restart DeskNow. Make sure to backup the file first!