From: DeskNow Knowledge Base

How do I migrate DeskNow from Windows to another Windows server?
  1. stop DeskNow on the old server 
  2. make sure DeskNow is not installed on the new server. If it is, uninstall it removing its data
  3. copy the entire c:\desknowdata directory from the old server to the new server.
  4. it is recommended to copy the desknowdata folder to the same location on the new server. If this is not possible, manually edit the \desknowdata\cfg\DesKNowBase.cfg file to use the new location. If using the default database, also edit Backup.cfg to adjust the path to the backup command
  5. if you are using an external database (mysql, SQL Server, etc)and you want to migrate that as well, check the database documentation on how to do the migration. Typically this involves a backup/restore process. If you're using the default database, you do not need to do anything
  6. install DeskNow on the new server - when it asks you were to store the desknow data, input the location of your existing desknowdata folder. A message 'Using pre-existing data in ...' will appear
  7. start DeskNow on the new server
  8. login as admin, and check the administration settings for Backup and Antivirus. Some folder paths may need to change