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How do I use DeskNow with SQL Server 2005 (Express or Enterprise)?

it is possible to use DeskNow with Microsoft SQL Server 2005 Enterprise or Express. Please note that the express edition (free) has limits on number of CPUs, maximum database Size, and maximum RAM.

The following instructions refer to SQL Server 2005 Express, however they can be used almost identically on SQL Server 2005.

  1. When installing SQL Server 2005, make sure to activate 'Mixed mode authentication', as the default (Windows Authentication only) cannot be used by DeskNow
  2. Once SQL Server 2005 is started, start the Configuration manager to enable connections over TCP/IP:
    1. In SQL Server 2005 Network Configuration/Protocols for SQLEXPRESS, right-click on TCP/IP and select Enable
    2. right-click again on the same item, and select Properties
    3. in the IP Addresses page, for the IP address that DeskNow will connect to (ex. if that is the address of your SQL Server in your LAN), select Active=Yes, TCP Dynamic Ports=0, TCP Port=1433
    4. in the IP Addresses page, at the IPAll section, clear the TCP Dynamic ports field and set TCP Port 1433
    5. see screenshots below for an example
  3. Download the 'Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio Express' from the web site. This tool is already included in Microsoft SQL Server 2005 commercial edition. Install the application.
  4. Launch the Studio Express
  5. In Security/Logins, right click on the right pane and select New Login
  6. create a new user account (ex desknowserver/password)
  7. in Databases, right-click in the right pane and select 'New database'. Input the database name (ex. desknow) and set desknowserver as the Owner. Close the dialog by pressing Ok.
  8. Select File/Open from the menu, an open C:\Program Files\DeskNow\sql\desknow_sqlserver2000.sql
  9. at the login prompt, select SQL Server authentication and input desknowserver/password as credentials
  10. IMPORTANT in the toolbar, select 'desknow' as default database (instead of 'master')
  11. run the query by pressing the button 'Execute' in the toolbar

Now your MS SQL Server is ready to work with DeskNow. To configure DeskNow to connect to your DB, see the Administration manual. If your Database.cfg does not already have the default values to use for the SQL Server 2005 drivers, do not use the defaults for the SQL Server 2000 drivers. Use these values instead:

Url   jdbc:sqlserver://;forwardReadOnlyMethod=serverCursor;loginTimeout=30;DatabaseName=desknow
Username  desknowserver
Password  password

(replace ip address, password with the appropriate values).


Screenshots for configuring TCP/IP support

These screenshots assume that your SQL Server 2005 IP address is