From: DeskNow Knowledge Base

How do I create custom pages knowing the current user's username, full name, domain, etc

Sometimes you need to add some custom pages to DeskNow, which opens other tools that need to know what is the username of the user currently logged in , his/her full name, and so on. DeskNow provides a single JSP tag to easily generate this information inside a web page.

To test, simply create a file called Test.jsp and save it into desknow\jsp\original

The content should look like this:

<%@ taglib uri="/DeskNowTags" prefix="dn" %>
username: <%= account_username %>@<%= account_domainname %> <br/>
community: <%= account_communityname %> <br/>
full name: <%= account_fullname %>

You can then open the page in a new browser window/tab, at the address . If the browser had a valid session, i.e. after the user has logged in to DeskNow, the page will show the account details of the current user.