From: DeskNow Knowledge Base

How do I migrate from one database to another?

Apart from the migration from the old internal database format (see /kb/idx/9/132/article/ ), DeskNow does not provide a functionality to migrate a database to another.

However there are several utilites available that can perform this task. Try searching on your favourite search engine for 'migrate mysql to postgresql' (for example). Make sure to stop DeskNow before migrating your data.

Important: after the migration, make sure to edit the table 'PROPERTIES' in the new database, and change the value of the field 'pvalue' that corresponds to the pkey 'DATABASE'. Possible values are:

Important: database migration is a delicate process. DeskNow uses very standard field types and no triggers, autoincrement columns or constructs that are specific to a particular db. However problems may still occur. If you experience problems after the migration, double check the migration process and results. If you need to contact our customer support service after a migration has occurred (even much later), please always clearly indicate that the database was migrated.