From: DeskNow Knowledge Base

How do I upgrade the JDBC driver for MS SQL Server?

If you first installed DeskNow before 2006 and are using SQL Server as database, you are likely to be using the old JDBC driver from Microsoft.

Microsoft has since released a completely new driver, much faster and memory efficient.

To check if you're still using the old driver

If you're using the old driver, you should have these files in \desknowdata\lib: mssqlserver.jar, msutil.jar, msbase.jar

If you're still using the old driver, and want to upgrade

  1. stop DeskNow
  2. download and install the new driver from
  3. copy the sqljdbc.jar file to \desknowdata\lib
  4. delete the mssqlserver.jar, msutil.jar, msbase.jar files from \desknowdata\lib (or move them to a backup folder)
  5. edit the Database.cfg configuration file and change these settings:
    Url   jdbc:sqlserver://localhost:1433;forwardReadOnlyMethod=serverCursor;loginTimeout=30;DatabaseName=desknow
    Username  desknowserver
    Password  password
  6. restart DeskNow

Note: the JdbcDriver parameter is different from the parameter used for the old driver (it was, now it is