From: DeskNow Knowledge Base

I receive emails with incorrect characters in their headers, for East-Asian or other languages

Some mail servers and mail clients (especially used in East Asia) are not standard compliant, and do not encode headers even when sending emails with non-latin characters.

The appropriate encoding is defined by the Internet rfc 2047.

To alleviate the problem when receiving emails from these clients, DeskNow can try and guess the appropriate charset used in these headers. Failing that, it can try and decode the header using a default charset.

To enable this functionality, edit the Mail.cfg file and add:

GuessInputCharset TRUE

To also set a default charset to use when guessing fails, add:

InputCharset EUC-KR

(this is an example charset that is most common in Korea. Choose the appropriate charset for your country, ex EUC-JP).

Then restart DeskNow.

The new settings will be applied only to newly received/imported emails - not to ones already in the system.

This functionality requires DeskNow 3.2.8 or later