From: DeskNow Knowledge Base

How do I migrate my data from Linux to another Linux/Unix server?

It is possible, and usually straightforward, to migrate your DeskNow installation and data from a Linux/Unix server to another Linux/Unix server.

  1. install DeskNow on the new server
  2. stop DeskNow both on the old and new servers
  3. make a tar.gz archive of the entire /var/desknowdata directory on the old server , and copy it to the new server. Tip: if using ftp, make sure to use a binary transfer, or the file will be corrupted.
  4. in the new server, simply extract the tar.gz file so that the desknowdata directory in it replaces the existing /var/desknowdata. If the path on the new server is different, make sure to edit /etc/desknow.conf and desknowdata/cfg/DeskNowBase.cfg
  5. run the Configuration Wizard on the new server (/var/desknow/bin/ or /var/desknow/bin/
  6. start DeskNow
  7. login as admin and adjust the antivirus settings in Administration/Antivirus, and backup settings in Administration/Backup


If you also want to migrate the database, make sure to install the same database type (MySQL, PostgreSQL) on the new server. Then migrate the desknow database by performing a normal backup on the old database, and restoring it in the new database. See /kb/idx/9/013/article/ (MySQL) or /kb/idx/9/055/article/ (PostgreSQL). Finally, check /var/desknowdata/cfg/Database.cfg to ensure that the connection parameters (host, port) are correct.