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Incorrect characters in emails when pasting from MS Word

If you paste text from Microsoft Word into the in-browser editor to send an email, the recipient will see incorrect characters instead of some punctuation symbols, like for instance single or double quotes.


Microsoft word uses non-ascii characters for some punctuation symbols.
For instance, instead of double quotes (ASCII code 34), by default Word uses the 'curly' double quotes (typically assuming the use of a Windows-specific charset, such as "Windows-1252").

So when you paste in your windows browser, you still see quotes, but they're special 'Windows-only' quotes. Once encoded, however, the recipient will not see them as you do.


At least for quotes, it is possible to turn off curly quotes in Word:

  1. On the Tools menu, click AutoCorrect, and then click the AutoFormat As You Type tab.
  2. Under Replace as you type, clear the "Straight quotes" with "smart quotes" check box.
  3. Under the AutoFormat tab, clear the "Straight quotes" with "smart quotes" check box.