From: DeskNow Knowledge Base

How do I move the data from one drive to another (Windows)

To move your desknowdata folder to another drive (ex. from C:\desknowdata to D:\desknowdata):

  1. stop DeskNow
  2. copy C:\desknowdata to D:\desknowdata
  3. rename C:\desknowdata to C:\desknowdataold
  4. edit D:\desknowdata\cfg\DeskNowBase.cfg and adjust the path from C:\desknowdata to D:\desknowdata
  5. uninstall DeskNow. When prompted, tell the uninstaller not to keep the user data
  6. install DeskNow again. When prompted for the location of the desknowdata folder, input D:\desknowdata .
  7. start DeskNow
  8. login to DeskNow, and verify that everything works as usual, and that all the emails, events, files, are there.
  9. you can now delete C:\desknowdataold

How to install DeskNow to the D: drive as well

In step 5 above, you can also install DeskNow in D:\Program Files\DeskNow (for example). If you change the DeskNow's installation folder, make sure to edit \desknowdata\cfg\Backup.cfg and adjust the path for the property "Database.CmdLine.1"