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How do I make the DeskNow service start after the database server?

This article applies to Windows environments only. Also it applies to DeskNow versions < 3.1 . Since version 3.1 DeskNow will wait for up to 2 minutes for the database service to start, so these instructions are not necessary.

When you use an external database like MySQL or MS SQL Server, when the computer starts, it is important that the database service starts before the DeskNow service.

To ensure this:

  1. make sure that both the DeskNow service and the database service startup properties are set to 'Automatic'
  2. add the proper startup dependency to the DeskNow service.
    To do so, download one of the two attached registry files to your computer (see the attachments section in this article), and double click it. This will add the proper entry to the Windows registry, at the key HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESYSTEMCurrentControlSetServicesDeskNowDependOnService


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