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The DeskNow service does not start in Windows

First of all, make sure that DeskNow can start in Console (see the menu folder Start/Program Files/Desknow/Advanced).

If it doesn't start in console, then check the error messages that are shown in the console window, or in the log.Init files, or in C:\Program Files\DeskNow\logs for more clues. Typically the main cause is that there is another Web server or Mail using the same ports that DeskNow is trying to use.

If DeskNow can start fine in console, but not as service:

  • check that the Windows LOCAL_SYSTEM account (the default used by DeskNow) can access c:desknowdata (or wherever you put desknowdata).
  • Check that when you installed DeskNow you were logged in as Administrator.
  • Finally, the registry settings may have been corrupted. Download the dnservice.reg file. Then simply open it to reset the registry settings for the DeskNow service.
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