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LDAP Authentication

It is possible to make DeskNow use an external LDAP server to authenticate users.

In this way it is possible to keep user accounts and passwords in a central location, and when an user password is changed in the directory, it is automatically changed in DeskNow.

DeskNow can also create accounts on demand, if they exist in the LDAP domain, and are not in the DeskNow user database yet.

When you remove an account from LDAP, the account remains in DeskNow, but the user is prevented from logging in.

Important: the admin user of every domain, and all domains and communities, are not created automatically from LDAP, and their password is not looked up in LDAP. This allows you to mantain control of the system even if LDAP becomes unavailable.

To configure DeskNow to use LDAP authentication, see the Administration and Configuration manual, at the section 'External Authentication'.


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