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How do I move/copy emails from one account to another?

To copy or move mails from one account to the other,
you can:
1. use IMAP. Just setup your mail client with both accounts, and then drag&drop (keep Ctrl pressed for copying instead of moving). See this category in the knowledga base for instructions on how to setup popular mail clients to use IMAP.
2. login as admin and use Administration/Mail import-restore.

Mail is stored in \desknowdata\usermail\domain\user , so for instance to copy all mail from user to user you would use these values in the page:

Source file folder: c:\desknowdata\usermail\\joe
Destination account:

This will import all mail from joe's account into sally's account. All subfolders will be created in joe's account as needed.

If you want to import only joe's 'business' mail folder, and you want to import it under sally's 'work' folder:

Source file folder: c:\desknowdata\usermail\\joe\business
Destination account:
Destination mail folder: work

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