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Where are the log files?

DeskNow provides a fairly extensive logging system that helps analysing its behaviour, troubleshoot problems, and provide evidence of what is happening, for accountability purposes.

DeskNow has 2 types of log files:

  1. operational log files
  2. audit log files

Operational log files

These files provide information on the various operations performed by DeskNow during its activity. These range from web logins, to smtp connections, to mail processing, syncml connections, and so on.

There are many log files for every type of activity, and often there is a 'Debug' and 'Protocol' version that provides more information than the base version. Not all log files are enabled at all times, and the debug and protocol (and some other ones) should not be used normally as they can slow down the server.

How to enable/disable them

To enable/disable operational log files, login as admin and go to Administration/Logging . Note the tip regarding the 'slow' log files that should normally be disabled.

Where are they

Operational log files are normally kept in desknowdata\log (in Windows, this is typically C:\desknowdata\log , in Linux /var/desknowdata/log - this may change if you used different paths during the installation). For every log file type that is enabled (see above), a new file is created every day with the date as part of the file name. In the Administration/Logging page you can configure log rotation options to delete log files older than x days. To change the location where DeskNow writes log files, see the Log.cfg configuration file.

As admin, you can also access your operational log files directly from within DeskNow's web interface, under the Files/[DeskNow logs] section.

Audit log files

(this feature only in DeskNow 3.1 and later)

Audit log files are normally used to comply with regulatory requirements, and keep a record of who did what and when (normally only 'write' or 'delete' operations are tracked). Please refer to the Administration manual for more information.

How to enable/disable them

To enable/disable audit log files, login as admin and go to Administration/Audit Logging. If the administrator disables audit logging, the operation is logged as well.

Where are they

Audit log files are stored by default in desknowdata\logaudit . They are organized in subfolders by domain, year, month.

Audit log files are never deleted by DeskNow. Make sure to implement proper policies to regularly transfer them to a different media, and clean up old audit log folders periodically. Audit log files left growing on the server for years could fill up the entire disk.

To change the location where DeskNow writes audit log files, see the Log.cfg configuration file.

It is not possible to access audit log files from the web interface.

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