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DeskNow and the new U.S. DST rules for 2007

New Daylight Saving Time (DST) rules will enter in effect in the United States and Canada on March 11th 2007.

These rules define when DST starts and stop in the calendar year.

If your organization is based in the United States or Canada, or some of your user accounts use U.S. or Canadian timezones, it is important that you ensure that all your software is compliant with the new rules. Patches are available for most operating systems, including Microsoft Windows, and products that rely on timezones.

If your server is not based in the United States or Canada, and does not use US or Canadian timezones, you are not affected by these changes, and you do not need to read this article.

If you are running DeskNow on Windows:

- if your version of DeskNow is 3.1 or newer: DeskNow already uses the correct DST rules. You do not need to do anything (make sure to apply Microsoft Windows Updates for the DST changes in your OS, anyway - this has already occurred by default if you have automatic updates enabled).

- if your version of DeskNow is 3.0.x or lower: you can upgrade DeskNow to the latest release (recommended) or just upgrade the Java component of your DeskNow installation. To upgrade your java component:

If you're running DeskNow on Linux, Unix, Mac OSX or are running DeskNow in your own J2EE application server:

simply check the version of Java that you installed in your system. You can find out by typing '/usr/bin/java -version'. Check with your system if the path is different - also if you have more than one Java installed, make sure you check the correct one: DeskNow uses the one defined in /etc/desknow.conf .

If the version of Java is lower than 1.5.0_06, please upgrade your Java installation. If in doubt, just upgrade your Java to the latest version anyway.


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