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How to use a custom password for the SSL certificates

If you decided to not use the default 'changeit' password when generating your SSL certificate, you will also need to tell DeskNow which password to use.


This file is copied to C:\Program Files\DeskNow\conf\keystore ( /var desknow/conf/keystore ).

Edit the file server.xml (in the same folder), and after the text keystoreFile="conf/keystore"

add the following:



Add this line to Mail.cfg:

EmbeddedServer.IMAP.SSL.KeyStorePassword "mypassword"


Add this line to Mail.cfg:

EmbeddedServer.SMTPSSLKeyStorePassword "mypassword"


Add this line to Mail.cfg:

EmbeddedServer.POP3SSLKeyStorePassword "mypassword"

After any or all of the above changes, you need to restart DeksNow.

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