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Home Installation and initial setup I am getting all sorts of Javascript errors. The folders don't open. Help!

I am getting all sorts of Javascript errors. The folders don't open. Help!

Possible cause n. 1

The most common cause of this problem is the use of DeskNow via a web redirection service.

Some companies (ex. DynDNS, ZoneEdit) offer a web redirection service that redirects http traffic to your home computer, on a different port. This is not transparent to browsers, and can cause the browser to block some scripts from running.

To check if this is the case, try accessing DeskNow with a browser on the same computer as the server, at http://localhost/desknow/index.html .


Do not use a web redirection service. It is much better to use a true DNS record to point to your server.

Possible cause n.2

If you have recently upgraded DeskNow, and you are using it on your own application server (i.e. not using the one integrated when you install using DeskNow.exe or desknow.tar.gz), it maybe that the appserver has kept a compiled version of the jsp pages from the previous release.


Make sure to remove the compiled files to force your application server to recompile using the new jsps. In Tomcat, the compiled files are in $TOMCAT/work (only delete the ones relative to DeskNow!)


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