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article'Session expired'. What does it mean? How do I change the session timeout?
Normally a DeskNow session never expires until...

  March 28, 2005    Views: 47662   
articleCan I change the name of a domain?
You certainly can! Simply go to...

  February 26, 2007    Views: 21900   
articleCan I send someone a link to a file posted with DeskNow?
It is possible to post to someone a link to a...

  May 17, 2005    Views: 51233   
articleDeskNow and the new U.S. DST rules for 2007
New Daylight Saving Time (DST) rules will enter...

(No rating)  March 1, 2007    Views: 17179   
articleFireFox loads all the images again every time I launch it. It is slow
By default, Mozilla FireFox does not cache to...

  August 25, 2005    Views: 24095   
articleHow can I create guest accounts?
Guest accounts are typically normal accounts...

  October 17, 2004    Views: 32879   
articleHow do disk quotas work in DeskNow?
DeskNow has three levels of disk quota. You can...

  January 13, 2005    Views: 63602   
articleHow do I define Public Holiday calendars?
The easiest way to define a Public Holiday...

  April 13, 2007    Views: 20322   
articleHow do I rebuild the user directory ?
The user directory collects the personal...

  November 3, 2004    Views: 63626   
articleHow does the cache work in DeskNow?
DeskNow has a caching mechanism that keeps the...

  February 10, 2005    Views: 64949   
articleI see many postgres.exe processes in the task manager. is this normal?
This is normal, and typical of PostgreSQL, the...

  July 17, 2006    Views: 18119   
articleMaintenance tasks for the database (Windows)
Normally the embedded database in DeskNow for...

  August 9, 2009    Views: 23155   
articleMemory management
How much memory does DeskNow use? Can I change...

  April 28, 2005    Views: 50386   
articleOn Linux/Unix, DeskNow seems to cache DNS results forever
The default Java installation caches DNS...

  May 4, 2006    Views: 23181   
articleWhere are the log files?
DeskNow provides a fairly extensive logging...

  May 17, 2006    Views: 23254   

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