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How do I turn off antispam?

In some circumstances you may want to turn off all antispam measures, for instance if spam filtering for your domain is already provided by an external antispam appliance or service.

Or you may want to turn off just individual antispam measures.

  • To disable/configure all the antispam measures, you need to login as admin.
  • To turn off Bayesan Filtering: in Administration/Antispam/Bayesan filtering , uncheck 'Enable Bayesan filtering'
  • To turn off DNSBL/RBL: in Administration/Antispam/DNSB-RBL, remove all the DNSBL services listed
  • To turn offf SURBL: in Administration/Antispam/SURBL, uncheck 'Check SURBL database'
  • To turn off SPF: in Administration/Antispam/SPF, uncheck "Reject message if SPF test is Fail" and "Reject message if SPF test is SoftFail"
  • To turn off Reverse PTR checking: in Administration/Antispam/Reverse PTR uncheck all the checkboxes
  • Finally, if you have disabled all the antispam measures, you may as well disable the daily spam report in the Administration/Antispam/Spam report page.

A description of all the different antispam measures available in DeskNow is in the administration manual.

Individual users can turn off spam filtering in the Preferences/Mail/Spam section (DeskNow 3.1 and later).

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