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Can I access my calendar using iCal (Mozilla Sunbird, Thunderbird, Apple iCal, etc)? Can I publish my calendar on the web?

DeskNow lets you publish your calendar on the web using the iCal format. This can be used to view yoru calendar using Mozilla Sunbird, Mozilla Thunderbird with the Calendar plugin, Apple iCal or any other iCal client.

How to access your own calendar

Use the following URL in your client:

where username is your desknow username (use if you are in a virtual domain)

calendar is the name of the calendar. If the name contains special characters like space, +, & or others, it may have to be encoded to be a valid URL. See

When prompted for authentication, use your DeskNow username and password.

How to publish your calendar for other people to see

To let other people access your calendar, you must share it using the normal Properties&Sharing page in DeskNow. calendar then is the name of the share. This name can be the same name of the calendar, or a different name. If the share has Public read permission, everyone can access the URL. If the share has Password read permission, viewers must authenticate with 'guest' as username, and the given password.

Can I write/delete events in my calendars using this URL?

No. The iCal format as used by these clients is not efficient for changing the calendar, as every change to an event would cause the upload of the entire calendar file. There is a new proposed protocol, CalDAV, which will address this problem. Implementations of CalDAV in clients are still in alpha/beta stage, if present. When support for CalDAV in clients will be more mature, DeskNow will support it as well.

How can I publish this calendar in web format?

There are many web applications (many in PHP, for instance ) that can present an iCal calendar in Web format. They allow a large level of customization as well. They can generally work well with DeskNow.

An easy, ready to use iCal viewer is provided by 30Boxes:

Simply create a public read share for the calendar, and enter the share .ics URL in the above page, to get the calendar published online. You can also customize its style, colors, etc.

This feature requires DeskNow 3.0.4 or newer.

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